My first love was horses and I started riding at the age of 4. When I owned my first pony at the age of 9, I joined The Pony Club, which became my favourite pastime. I then went on to achieve the Pony Club's highest qualification the A Test, for riding and stable management. Continuing my passion I then went to become a dressage judge and Instructor. My love was Eventing.

However in my teenage years I became attracted to Poodles partly due to their lovely action, somewhat similar to a horse. My best friend had poodles, and when they needed to re-home one of their Poodles from a member of their family due to ill health, they let me have Toby. He was an apricot standard from the Vulcan lines. That was the start of a lasting relationship when I knew the Poodle was the only breed of dog for me and my life would not be complete without a Poodle or two, or three, or four. My life revolves around Poodles, whatever their colour. I enjoy being involved with Poodle rescue and promoting the Poodle positively, as they are such a versatile breed. As I have had Poodles for more than 40 years I am unlikely to change my mind now.

Sara with Louis

I met Michelle about 25 years ago when trying to find a good groomer for Louis my black standard and Michelle was just that. This was the start of our long standing friendship and long may it last! During that time Michelle had already started doing some breeding and bred a litter of black standards, from which I ended up having two brothers, Hugo and Oliver.

It was about the year 2000 that we discovered two coloured Poodles in America on the internet and we were fascinated. Michelle and I knew we had to find out more and that was when our quest began to reintroduce the Parti coloured Poodle into the UK.

We began researching the history of the Poodle and this led to the beginning of a good friendship with Ann Coppage of Vulcan Kennels who is very supportive. Her wealth of knowledge is a great asset to our breeding programme.

I have been out to America on several occasions to learn more and have built friendships with Parti Poodle breeders. In America they are called Multi Colored. I am a member of the Multi Colored Poodle Club of America.

Sara Showing

On my trips to America which coincided with UKC Premier (United Kennel Club's Annual Show) where they have specific classes for Parti Poodles, Poodles are in the gun dog group. I have been very privileged to successfully show dogs owned by Sara Gessner and Gloria Ogdahl. In 2008, on behalf of The Parti Poodle Club, I presented a trophy to Priscilla Suddard from Canada.

When I got my first Parti Poodle called Blaze, I decided I would like to try agility. Despite my handling, Blaze achieved his Kennel Club Agility Warrant Bronze and we also won the UKA Tug-E-Nuff Grand Finals. He was a great ambassador for Poodles and was invited by the Kennel Club to demonstrate agility at Crufts for 3 years, which I continue to do with my other Parti Poodles.

I have become addicted to agility and Blaze, Bertie and Jeeves share my passion. Onwards and upwards and hopefully more achievements to come.

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